Challenges in social media adoption and use

Together with Meri Kuikka, PhD student , we have written a research paper about determining challenges in organizational social media adoption and use. Two days ago we received the official announcement that our paper was accepted to ECIS 2011, the 19th European Conference on Information Systems (Helsinki, June 9-11, 2011):

Thank you very much for submitting your paper to the ECIS2011 conference, organised by the Aalto University in Helsinki. As in previous years, the review process was competitive, with an overall acceptance rate of 31%. Your paper has been reviewed and we are delighted to inform you that it has been accepted for publication and presentation at ECIS.

Just a short summary about our study (the powerpoint presentation and the article itself will be published later on):

  • The contribution of this article is in identifying challenges in organizational social media adoption and use, and classifying them into different external and internal issues.
  • We highlight the importance of strategic planning in social media adoption. We believe that even if social media tools are inexpensive or free, how they are used by the organization needs careful planning, and that employees need clear guidelines on what the expectations of the organization are regarding social media use.   
  • The internal challenges identified in the literature review included economic, resource-related and attitudinal challenges, while external challenges were associated with company reputation, legal issues and technical or system challenges.
  • Of the internal challenges, two types of challenges were identified in a case organization (a Finnish multinational corporation operating in metal industry) that received no mention in previous literature: ownership challenges, defined as difficulties in determining owners for social media within the company, and authorization challenges, defined as providing employees with the authorization to use social media in their work.
  • Also network identity in social media was considered as a challenge. Several of our interviewees and workshop attendees expressed a desire to not mix their private and professional identities in social media.

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    media adoption аnd use | Meritext | Miia
    Äkkinen <Loved it!

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