Researcher, personal brand and social media

I was just discussing with a group of researchers and asked how I have been creating my personal brand on the Internet. I have tried all kind of alternatives, satisfied with something and unsatisfied with others. At the moment I have a solution that I can recommend. I have created this blog to write about my research topics (in English), and thus make my knowledge visible and let people know what I am studying.

But how to reach the audience? How to get the right people to know how great blog posts I am having on my blog? Here I use social network services. After writing a blog post, I will tell about it on my professional Facebook page (sometimes also on my personal Facebook profile), on Twitter and on LinkedIn. This is like a triangle where blog is in the middle of a triangle and Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are located in the corners of the triangle.

I gathered my own experiences and ways to work in this presentation.

What are your tips for a researcher or specifically for me to strengthen the personal brand with social network services?


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